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For Parents & Students

Quran Pick is where you can learn online Quran courses Tajweed, Arabic, Recitation, Hifz according to your convenience in terms of flexible timings and days

In Quran Pick portal, you just need to drop your query, further whole work will be done at our end i.e. tutor filtration according to the requirements, arrange a meeting of the tutor with you, maintain strong connection with you etc

Online Quran Tutors are verified and registered through vigorous checks and procedures

We have our own LMS which is in testing nowadays. All you need to have atleast mic, webcam, internet connectivity and Skype/Zoom

It depends upon students’ intensity related to studies that how many classes you take in each week. It takes adults 2 to 3 months for a Tajweed course whereas for Arabic, it takes around 6months to 12 months

Duration of each class is already decided 30min, but if student needs further help and want more duration then he/she will have to switch to another package.

Yes, you can select timings and days according to your convenience. You can let us know your desired timings and days, then we will arrange a tutor according to your requirements.

No not at all, we have already instructed our tutors to teach according to the student’s caliber.

You should have atleast basic computer knowledge to open a browser and navigate a website. Students can get assistance from their parent as well.

You just need to drop a query on our website www.quranpick.com

Yes, we have both male and female certified tutors for online Quran teaching.

Quran Pick does not require this thing, but if we get informed earlier, so that we could arrange another student in the same timings for the same tutor.

It effects bad impression on tutor’s profile, You can inform us about tutor’s punctuality and performance, if it’s not good then we can arrange another tutor for you for the same timings and days.

Yes, we collect advance payment from Parent/Student and deposit in tutor’s account at the month end, your monthly will be secured and safe. We shall not be responsible, if you provide fee to any tutor directly.

For Tutors

Simply, fill this form www.quranpick.com/Become-a-tutor You will be interviewed by our Tutor’s evaluation officer, if you meet the criteria in terms of qualification, computer knowledge & course related experience then you will be given ooportunity to become a part of Quran Pick.

We will provide you Parents/Student’s details to contact and schedule your demo timings and day. If student feels comfortable with you then you will start tutoring.

You will be just required to provide your best in demo/trial class with student. Further, We will contact with student and after getting follow up from them, you will be informed whether you are selected by student or not.